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About Verified droid (vedroid.com)

Verified droid at first glance may seem like an ordinary site with a catalog of Android smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and VR-helmets. But we tried very hard to make it with a twist, so as not to become an ordinary website-catalog on the Internet. Therefore, we have a mission.

Mission of Verified droid

Your new Droid is not a Junk!

It sounds a little funny and it’s not clear :) In fact, this means that we divided all Android devices on the market conditionally into two segments. The first is the «Droid» models, which work on the latest version of Android or are updated on it. The second segment is the models of the «Junk», which are already obsolete morally and are not updated to the new version of the OS, and at the same time are sold in stores.

Your new Droid is not a Junk!

Our goal

In the catalog Vedroid.com we show you what model you can still call a «Droid» and buy, and which models are already called «Junk» and they should not be bought, even if they are sold at a discount.

At the same time Vedroid.com is not an online store, we do not sell anything and are in no way interested in having you bought something from us. We want to help you choose a new smartphone/tablet/smartwatch from the Droid list, not the Junk. And that you are satisfied with your new Droid, which will be updated to the latest version of the OS.


This idea was born accidentally, as a result of observations of android devices that are sold in offline stores in the storefront. Perhaps you also noticed that there are models on the same shelf (for example, smartphones) of different year of release (for example: 2014, 2015 and 2016), on different versions of Android OS (for example: 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0), but the price of all the same. In our opinion, this is not fair to sell. Sellers must explicitly show buyers where the old device is, and where new.

Especially this problem is exacerbated for Android devices, because Google is announcing a new version of Android in the summer, and devices running on it, get into stores only by the New Year. And besides, manufacturers are not in a hurry to update their recently released models to the new version of Android.

This leads to the fact that the market share of smartphones with older versions of Android is very large. In this case, developers of applications for the Google Play Store quickly stop supporting older versions of the OS in their applications. So it turns out that if you do not choose the right model for purchase, you can buy an outdated device, which no one needs on the market. Unfortunately, only consumers are suffering in this situation.

We want to help all customers to correctly choose a new device on Android. Therefore, we made not only a usable catalog of goods with filters, but also an «intelligent» search with recommendations. On Vedroid.com, in the search box, write down the name of your device, which you want to change to a new one, and you will see our recommendations for the new Droids, which are now sold at the same price as your old model. Or, in the Vedroid.com catalog, select the models of the current year, filter them by price, manufacturer and sales status. Each model in the catalog is indicated by a badge of the Droid or Junk, so you can immediately decide whether you need to look at this model in more detail.

Choose new Droids, and do not buy obsolete Junks

We hope that the catalog of Vedroid.com will help you make the best choice for price, year of release and specifications. Choose smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, VR helmets and 3D glasses on Vedroid.com, and buy there, where you want or where cheaper :)

We wish easy choice and successful purchases!


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