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Android 12: stable beta released, list of Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi smartphones ready for beta testing

Android 12: stable beta released, list of Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi smartphones ready for beta testing
2 September 2021

In early August, Google released the fourth beta version of Android 12. Later, another version of Android 12 Beta 4.1 appeared, which fixed the cyclic reboots of the device. Meanwhile, Samsung, Xiaomi and Nokia have already prepared Android 12 beta testing programs for their smartphones.

Prehistory of Android 12

In May, Google held a public presentation of a new version of its operating system for smartphones, tablets, TVs and other technology. The twelfth version of Android contains a lot of innovations and improvements that relate to both interface and performance. We wrote about all the features of Android 12 earlier in this article.

Android 12: stable release is coming

In early August this year, as planned, the public beta version (Android 12 Beta 4) was released. This means that the main functions of the OS have already been fully written and are working, which will not change. Therefore, the developers began testing their applications and interfaces for performance with Android 12.

Android 12

At the end of August, Google rolled out the Android 12 Beta 4.1 update. It fixes bugs that led to sudden cyclic reboots of the device. Also, the incorrect operation of the system with a Bluetooth module and with a face recognition sensor has been fixed. The programmers have fixed the interface problems with adjusting the volume level and displaying notifications on the screen.

List of smartphones for which Android 12 Beta 4.1 is available:

Android 12

Important warning, seriously

Important! Further we will write how to update your device to the beta version of Android 12, but it is important for you to understand that these versions may not work stably. Nobody can guarantee the stable operation of your device, so think twice before starting the beta installation.

What if you don’t have a Google Phone?

And at the same time, smartphone manufacturers, one after another, began to announce their lists of devices that are ready for beta testing. The pioneers were the leaders in the smartphone sales rankings: Samsung and Xiaomi. But Nokia has also joined them, because it has been releasing smartphones with pure Android for a long time without proprietary interfaces.

Android 12

Samsung + Android 12

Samsung has opened the One UI 4 testing program for its flagship models: the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra. And so far, the program begins its work only in South Korea. To get the One UI 4 update, which is based on Android 12, you need to apply.

Samsung promises to roll out the first version of its update in September so that users can start testing.

Android 12

Xiaomi + Android 12

The Chinese brand Xiaomi also keeps up with its South Korean rival. An internal beta test was announced, in which the following smartphones participate:

And also three tablet models are involved in internal beta testing:

There is also a long unofficial list of smartphones that have made it into closed beta testing. But we will not publish it.

Much more interesting is the list of Xiaomi smartphones that will not receive Android 12:

Android 12

Nokia + Android 12

The Chinese company HMD Global, which produces Nokia smartphones, has also announced the launch of its Android 12 beta testing program. So far, only one model is participating in this program — the Nokia X20. In order to install the update on a smartphone and participate in beta testing, you do not need to submit any applications or live in a specific region.

If you have a Nokia X20 smartphone in your hands, just go to the My phone application, register and after 12 hours you will receive an update file. If it does not come, you can check for an update through the menu: «Settings»> «About phone»> «System updates». More information is available here.

Android 12: when to expect the release of the final version

The exact release date of the final version of Android 12 is not yet known. The release is expected to happen in late September or early October. And it will surely coincide with the official presentation of the new Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones.

Stay tuned for updates on our website.


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