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What Nokia will show in China on May 2: the new Nokia X 2018, Nokia X6 (2018) or Nokia N9 (2018)

What Nokia will show in China on May 2: the new Nokia X 2018, Nokia X6 (2018) or Nokia N9 (2018)
27 April 2018 • News like Tweet

Announcement awaits us on May 2, will show a new model of the smartphone, but as it will be called, no one knows yet. Options are: Nokia X 2018, Nokia X6 (2018) or Nokia N9 (2018).

At one point there were rumors about several smartphones from HMD Global, which they can present very soon — on May 2. It’s about the models of Nokia X 2018, Nokia X6 (2018) or Nokia N9 (2018).

Nokia X 2018 — this smartphone was advertised in cinemas. We have already written about this. At that time, the characteristics of the model were not known.

Nokia X6 (2018) — this new smartphone, according to rumors, has already been shown to someone in China (there are many «live» photos), but without a story about the technical characteristics. Judging by the name of the model, HMD Global wants to revive previously successful and successful smartphones under the Nokia brand on the market.

And, finally, Nokia N9 (2018) surfaced in the conjecture after the publication of photos of the Nokia N9 smartphone in 2011 release in the social network Weibo from the official Nokia account. And then, too, observers and experts began to unanimously say that HMD Global decided to revive the previously popular whole series of smartphones.

It’s hard to believe in something. We believe that at least one new smartphone will be presented on May 2. Maybe he will be from the new X series, or maybe not. We are waiting for official presentations, after which we will immediately update the information in our catalog of smartphones.


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