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BlackBerry Key2

From $650 From 47 574 ₽ From 17 550 ₴
Status: Available.
Announced: June 2018.OS: Android 8.1 Oreo. VDRD caring review: It is better not to buy!
  • Screen 4.5" IPS LCD
  • Rear сamera 12 MP 2 modules
  • Selfie camera 8 MP
  • CPU 8 cores Snapdragon 660
  • Memory 6 GB RAM
  • Storage 64/128 GB ROM
  • Memory cards up to 256 GB microSD
  • Battery 3 500 mAh
  • Thickness 8.5 mm
  • Sim Cards 2 items dual sim
  • Form factor QWERTY keyboard
All characteristics

Short description BlackBerry Key2

This is a smartphone on Android 8.1 Oreo with a very fast and productive processor, with a handy touchscreen size, with a good camera that has 2 modules (12 MP, 12 MP), and the front camera here turned out to be absolutely ordinary. The body of BlackBerry Key2 has received a non-standard form factor: it is a touchscreen with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Today, this type of phones bodies seems strange and not very practical, but earlier it was an interesting solution. And BlackBerry Key2 has such features: a slot for two SIM cards.

Also known as: BlackBerry Athena.

Versions: BBF100-1 (EU, Africa, AU); BBF100-2 (Canada, US, LATAM); BBF100-6 (ME, APAC, India); BBF100-4 (China) .

Disclaimer. The table shows the main technical characteristics of the device. For a full list of features and capabilities of this model, see the manufacturer’s website. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

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Android version and market relevance

BlackBerry Key2 is a novelty of 2018, which was officially announced in June the world′s electronics manufacturer — the company Blackberry. In addition, this smartphone supports the work of two SIM cards, here you are, and please, the first reason for buying this model (or any other dual-smartphone from the catalog).

In 2018 this new model works out of the box running the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo. But in the market of android-smartphones an important factor when buying a new device is the possibility of updating it to a fresh version of the OS. So BlackBerry Key2 has not received any software updates, which is very sad, so we advise you to look at other DROID-smartphones in our catalog.

And also it is worth mentioning that the manufacturer did not implement support for 5G networks in BlackBerry Key2. Therefore, if this is an actual requirement for a smartphone for you today, we advise you to choose any 5G smartphone from this list of models.

Screen, body and battery

It is worth paying attention to good 4.5-inch capacitive IPS LCD touchscreen smartphone BlackBerry Key2. The screen size is very ergonomic and this smartphone will fit comfortably in your hand. Reaching with the finger of the hand that holds the smartphone, to any angle of the screen should be easy. The thickness of the case is 8.5 mm. This also accommodated a battery capacity of 3 500 mAh.

And you′ll love the BlackBerry Key2 that there is a large QWERTY keyboard.

Main camera and selfie camera

The most important characteristics of BlackBerry Key2 cameras: main camera received 12 MP with a regular lens + 12 MP with a regular lens, front camera got 8 MP with a regular lens. See examples of photos and videos from this smartphone to visually assess their quality. And the most interesting thing is that the main camera on the back of the body has several lenses (dual camera smartphones). That can do 2x zoom without losing quality. And with the help of at least two lenses, you can shoot portraits with the bokeh effect, this is when the background is blurred and the photo appears like depth. In this model, the selfie camera is on the front and you can see it. In 2019, smartphones were announced with a front camera, which is located inside the body and is not visible. When you need to take a photo, the front camera slides up from the body. You take your selfie, the photo is saved and then the camera goes down into the body. All smartphones with pop-up front camera from different producers at different prices are collected in the catalog. If you are interested in such models, we advise you to first watch video reviews about them, and then make a choice and buy.

Processor and Internal Memory

After a lot of leaks, we now know all characteristics of the BlackBerry Key2. The smartphone received 8-core processor on the chipset Snapdragon 660. RAM is built-in 6 GB.

But the most interesting is the built-in memory of 64 GB and plus another option for 128 GB. Looking for memory cards? There is a special slot for card format microSD up to 256 GB.

Price for BlackBerry Key2: buy or not to buy?

The choice to make is not difficult — to buy or not to buy — we will help you to solve it right now. New smartphone BlackBerry Key2 we took and carried out segmentation for the quality of the camera, screen size, battery capacity and processor performance. So, if you want to buy a smartphone with a small screen, then this model perfectly suits you. If you want to receive the usual quality of photos, you can safely take this smartphone and do not overpay for top models. And, finally, on the performance of the processor, this model is very powerful with a good battery here.

Having dealt with the average characteristics, it remains to understand whether it is worth all the declared price of $650 (without taxes and fees). Here everyone makes a choice for himself and evaluates all the pros and cons.

If something you did not fit this smartphone for purchase, then look in our catalog for a selection DROID smartphones. These are models that are now on sale, and that work under the new version of Android OS.

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7 June 2018

Announced a new smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen BlackBerry Key2

Who expected the official presentation from the BlackBerry, he knew that it will be held on June 7. So it was, on this day, officially presented to the public a new smartphone BlackBerry Key2. There is a novelty on Android 8.1 Oreo.

BlackBerry Key2
BlackBerry Key2 smartphone with full keyboard and touch screen

For the first time in the BlackBerry smartphone there was a double main camera (BlackBerry Key2 camera with lenses: wide-angle 12 Mp + TV 12 Mp) with optical zoom Optical Superzoom. Another feature of the BlackBerry Key2 is the updated keyboard — the keys are higher by 20%, which should improve tactile sensations when using it, and an additional Speed ​​Key that provides access to 52 customizable keyboard shortcuts (they provide various kinds of quick access to applications , smartphone functions, or you can select a popular contact from the book and call it). A space-saving fingerprint scanner is built into the space bar.

Other characteristics of the BlackBerry Key2 are: a screen with a diagonal of 4.5 inches, a resolution of 1620 × 1080 pixels and a 3: 2 aspect ratio; the Snapdragon 660 chipset and 6 GB of RAM will provide speed and smooth operation of the smartphone interface; the amount of built-in memory when buying a device can choose 64 GB or 128 GB; support for microSD memory cards; the battery received a capacity of 3 500 mAh.

Until the end of June 2018 BlackBerry Key2 will be sold in stores at a price of $650.

Source: phonearena
30 April 2018
Rumors about BlackBerry Key2: touch screen, dual camera, QWERTY keyboard
Rumors about BlackBerry Key2: touch screen, dual camera, QWERTY keyboard

Again, the source of the rumors was the base of the Chinese registrar TENAA, in which this time the BlackBerry Key2 smartphone appeared.

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