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HTC U12 Life

Announced: August 2018.OS: Android 8.1 Oreo. VDRD-summary: It is better not to buy!
Starting price of $400 after the release dropped by 43% and now the average price is $230. Starting price of 24 752 ₽ after the release dropped by 43% and now the average price is 14 232 ₽. Starting price of 14 760 ₴ after the release dropped by 43% and now the average price is 8 487 ₴.
Status: Archived.
  • Screen 6" IPS LCD
  • Rear сamera 16 MP 2 modules
  • Selfie camera 13 MP
  • CPU 8 cores Snapdragon 636
  • Memory 4/6 GB RAM
  • Storage 64/128 GB ROM
  • Memory cards up to 256 GB microSD
  • Battery 3 600 mAh
  • Thickness 8.3 mm
  • Sim Cards 2 items dual sim
All characteristics

Short description HTC U12 Life

This is a smartphone on Android 8.1 Oreo with a very fast and productive processor, with a huge touchscreen size, with a great camera that has 2 modules (16 MP, 5 MP Depth sensor), and the front camera here turned out to be very high quality, which can make beautiful selfies. And HTC U12 Life has such features: a slot for two SIM cards.

Disclaimer. The table shows the main technical characteristics of the device. For a full list of features and capabilities of this model, see the manufacturer’s website. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

Modifications HTC U12 Life

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Android version and market relevance

In August 2018 was announced smartphone HTC U12 Life. It is located in the series HTC U among many others smartphones HTC.

The most important thing you need to know before buying is the version of Android on which the smartphone is launched “out of the box”. And HTC U12 Life works on Android 8.1 Oreo, that by the way is not so bad as for smartphone of 2018. But here it is still important to know whether this model is updated to a more recent version. Our novelty HTC U12 Life, unfortunately, is not updated to any new version of Android. And it′s very sad, so we would advise you to look at other models of smartphones that are called in our catalog DROID-smartphones.

Perhaps it will be important for you that the smartphone was a dualsim. Then we can make you happy, because HTC U12 Life works great with two SIM cards. And since 2020, after the official launch of 5G networks, it has become very important for most buyers that the new smartphone has high-speed mobile Internet. It so happened that HTC U12 Life does not have support for fifth-generation networks and cannot provide you with super-fast Internet at a speed of up to 100 Mb/s. If this is important for you, we recommend that you go to the catalog page, which contains all 5G-smartphones on Android.

Screen, body and battery

Briefly describe the screen and the body of the smartphone. HTC U12 Life received IPS LCD-screen measuring 6 inches. And this is a phablete, not just a smartphone. And, even if you liked this model, it′s far from the fact that it will be convenient for you to use it. Therefore, we advise you to hold it in your hands before buying.

And now let’s move on to describing the dimensions of the case. The thickness of the smartphone HTC U12 Life is 8.3 mm. This model, you can call “fat”, because today many smartphones with thinner cases are already being manufactured. And in such dimensions the engineers managed to put the battery on 3 600 mAh, which is the average value in the market.

Main camera and selfie camera

The smartphone HTC U12 Life got the main camera with multiple modules (dual camera smartphones): 16 MP with a regular lens + 5 MP Depth sensor. And there is also a front camera that has one module: 13 MP with a regular lens. If you judge only by the number of megapixels, then the main camera is quite normal. But the frontcamera very good, which will surprise you with its high quality shooting of selfie. It seems that we have already written many times that before buying you need to see a smartphone and hold it in your hands. And speaking about cameras, I would like to repeat the same idea once again — look at the reviews about this model, see examples of photos taken by this smartphone. It often happens that in search of a low price, you buy a model with a camera of tens of megapixels, but the photos and videos will not be of high quality.

Processor and Internal Memory

And write a few words about the performance of HTC U12 Life. Of course, the very first thing that will be discussed is the processor. The model received a 8-core processor Snapdragon 636.

The second performance characteristic in our opinion is the amount of RAM. The HTC U12 Life has 4 installed on the RAM, but you can choose the version with 6 GB of RAM, to make the smartphone work even faster.

The built-in flash memory of this model has the volume 64 GB, but you can choose the version with 128 GB. The manufacturer did not forget about the support of memory cards in the smartphone. Here you can install a card microSD up to 256 GB.

Price for HTC U12 Life: buy or not to buy?

Life is fleeting, and the life of a smartphone on the mobile market in general can be compared with the life of a butterfly. And all because the producers of android-smartphones do not always want to support their devices and prefer to release a new model in six months. Therefore, our task is to help you choose the actual smartphone today, which is being sold and will be still relevant for at least the next six months. If HTC U12 Life you find among DROID smartphones in our catalog, you can safely buy it now, and if you do not find it, then its better already do not buy.

However, official sales HTC U12 Life began in September 2018. The manufacturer said the price of $230 without taxes and fees. With such a price level on HTC U12 Life, we placed it in the price segment “Below average smartphones from $200 to $300”.

Buy HTC U12 Life you can in any store (or on the Internet, or in the electronics supermarket), we just advise you to see live on the smartphone and hold it in your hands before buying.

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1 April 2018
Information leakage about HTC U12 Life
Information leakage about HTC U12 Life

There were first rumors about HTC U12 Life and its characteristics. The announcement is expected in May.

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