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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

From $850 From 62 212 ₽ From 22 950 ₴
Status: Available.
Announced: January 2022.OS: Android 12. VDRD caring review: We advise you to buy!
  • Screen 6.4" Dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • Rear сamera 12 MP Wide 3 modules
  • Selfie camera 32 MP Wide
  • CPU 8 cores Snapdragon 888 5G (5 nm)
  • Memory 6/8 GB RAM
  • Storage 128/256 GB ROM
  • Memory cards
  • Battery 4 500 mAh
  • Thickness 7.9 mm
  • Sim Cards 2 items dual sim
  • 5G network
  • WaterProof
All characteristics

Short description Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

This is a smartphone on Android 12 with a very fast and productive processor, with a huge touchscreen size, with a good camera that has 3 modules (12 MP Wide, 8 MP Telephoto, 12 MP UltraWide), and the front camera here turned out to be very high quality, which can make beautiful selfies. And Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has such features: a slot for two SIM cards, cut-out notch above the screen (so that a selfie camera, speakers and additional sensors are placed there), dust and water protection.

Also known as: Samsung Galaxy S21 Fun Edition, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G.

Versions: SM-G990B, SM-G990B/DS, SM-G990U, SM-G990U1, SM-G990W, SM-G990E.

Disclaimer. The table shows the main technical characteristics of the device. For a full list of features and capabilities of this model, see the manufacturer’s website. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

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Android version and market relevance

The company Samsung in January 2022 officially announced its new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in the series of mobile devices Samsung Galaxy S. In our subjective opinion, this year one of the important parameters for smartphones has become support for 5G networks, and this new model has received such a characteristic. As well as many other smartphones with support for 5G networks in our catalog.

“Out of the box” on the new smartphone installed Android 12, which did not receive any version updates. And besides, it is important to note immediately that the model Samsung Galaxy S21 FE supports two SIM cards (view all smartphones with 2 sim cards in the catalog).

Screen, body and battery

Briefly describe the screen and the body of the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE received Dynamic AMOLED 2X-screen measuring 6.4 inches. And this is a phablete, not just a smartphone. And, even if you liked this model, it′s far from the fact that it will be convenient for you to use it. Therefore, we advise you to hold it in your hands before buying. In addition to the screen size, it is also worth talking about the image refresh rate. 120 Hz is 120 updates per second of each pixel on the screen. This frequency is not very noticeable to the eye, but it gives a feeling of smooth operation of the interface. Especially in games where the picture changes quickly and with smooth animations, players get more pleasure from immersion in the game. Smartphones with a refresh rate of 120 Hz can now be bought only in premium segments, where the price starts at $ 800 and above. If it’s expensive for you, you can look at smartphones with a frequency of 90 Hz or even 60 Hz.

And now let’s move on to describing the dimensions of the case. The ratio of screen size to body size of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is very high, so the screen takes up almost all the space from edge to edge (but a little bit lacking to the parameters of a frameless smartphone). In addition, there is a small hole at the top of the screen, which houses a selfie camera. Such a cutout significantly increases the usable area of the smartphone screen and even distinguishes the body design from other models. The thickness of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is 7.9 mm. This is an absolutely normal average shell thickness. And in such dimensions the engineers managed to put the battery on 4 500 mAh, and this is already the application for success and leadership in tests for the duration of the device from one battery charge.

Another of the features of the hull, we note that Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has dust, water protection. This model could become a flip smartphone and get into our catalog on a separate page, where all phones with flexible screens are collected. Unfortunately, this did not happen. And therefore, if you are interested in smartphones with such top-end characteristics, we advise you to look at them in our catalog and get a deeper understanding in which direction the entire mobile electronics industry is moving. Perhaps, in a couple of years, every second person on the planet will have such flip smartphones.

Main camera and selfie camera

A selfie camera is located in front of the screen with one lens: 32 MP Wide. Among all the cameras, this we attributed to the segment good cameras. This model has a front camera as usual at the top of the screen, like 99.9% of all smartphones. But, if this makes you bored, then we can offer smartphones with pop-up front camera. In these models, the front camera is located inside the body and goes up only when you activate the front camera mode. It sounds interesting, but how convenient it is and how long this mechanism will work is not yet clear.

The main camera got several modules (triple camera smartphones): 12 MP Wide + 8 MP Telephoto + 12 MP UltraWide, located on the back of the body. We defined it in the segment very weak cameras at the moment. If you have a little more money, then we suggest adding and buying one of the camera phones, which we sorted separately in our catalog. Why do you need a camera with multiple modules in a smartphone? And what are the advantages of such a camera? This allows you to take very beautiful portraits with bokeh (blurred background) effect. And an additional lens with a different focal length provides a high-quality approximation (zoom) for photography. In addition, software algorithms can improve the quality of the photo after processing frames from each camera module.

Processor and Internal Memory

The more cores the smartphone processor has, the faster it works. Of course, do not forget that the applications should be optimized for the version of Android. But if we are talking about technical characteristics, then the processor here 8-core on the chipset Snapdragon 888 5G (5 nm), and there is a version with a different processor 8-core on the chipset Exynos 2100. RAM 6 GB, but if you want, you can buy a version of this smartphone on 8 GB of RAM and, perhaps it will work faster.

Built-in memory for storing different data (photo, video, applications, music, etc.) here 128 GB, but there are still options for 256 GB. You choose which version of the smartphone to buy, so it was comfortable to use it. Do not forget that the update of the software version will be available for your smartphone, and for this you need to download it first, and if the space is not enough, it will not be able to update. Therefore, we advise you before buying to think about how much internal memory you need.

Price for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: buy or not to buy?

The choice to make is not difficult — to buy or not to buy — we will help you to solve it right now. New smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 FE we took and carried out segmentation for the quality of the camera, screen size, battery capacity and processor performance. So, if you want to buy a smartphone with a huge screen, then this model perfectly suits you. If you want to receive the usual quality of photos, you can safely take this smartphone and do not overpay for top models. And, finally, on the performance of the processor, this model is very powerful with a capacious battery here.

Having dealt with the average characteristics, it remains to understand whether it is worth all the declared price of $850 (without taxes and fees). Here everyone makes a choice for himself and evaluates all the pros and cons.

If something you did not fit this smartphone for purchase, then look in our catalog for a selection DROID smartphones. These are models that are now on sale, and that work under the new version of Android OS.

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4 January 2022

CES 2022: Samsung unveils new flagship smartphone Galaxy S21 FE (Fun Edition) 5G

The company introduced the first Galaxy S21 model back in January last year. Today Samsung has traditionally released the Fun Edition version of this smartphone and it receives several changes in the specifications. A year after the announcement, the Galaxy S21 starts at $870 (8GB/128GB), while the new Galaxy S21 FE is now selling for $800 (6GB/128GB). Let’s figure out which model is better to buy at the beginning of 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – flagship Android 12 smartphone with Snapdragon 888 chipset and larger Dynamic AMOLED screen

The difference in characteristics between the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 FE

Software version: The Galaxy S21 FE runs the latest version of Android 12 out of the box. And that’s better than last year’s Galaxy S21, although it gets the update too..

Screen: The Galaxy S21 FE has a 6.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen, while the base Galaxy S21 has a 6.2-inch screen. The rest of the screen characteristics remained the same.

Main camera: triple camera module in both models, but the Galaxy S21 had a better second module 64 Mp (telephoto) instead of 8 Mp (telephoto) in the Galaxy S21 FE.

Front-camera: but the front camera has become much better in the Galaxy S21 FE — 32 megapixels instead of 10 megapixels. Moreover, it became possible to record video with 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/240fps, 720p@960fps.

CPU: both smartphones received the same processor options (Snapdragon 888 5G (5 nm) or Exynos 2100) depending on the market of sale.

Memory configurations: the Fun Edition has an additional configuration of 6/128 GB. Two more options (8/128 GB and 8/256 GB) are available in both smartphones.

Battery: the Galaxy S21 FE has a larger battery, 4500 mAh instead of 4000 mAh.

Other characteristics: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6, NFC module, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protective glass above the screen, IP68 waterproof, stereo speakers, under-display fingerprint.

2 March 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be announced at the end of the year

According to the SamMobile, Samsung is working on a Fun Edition version of its flagship Galaxy S21. And producer is preparing an announcement in Q4 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Some of the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE are already known: a 6.2-inch screen with a frequency of 120 Hz, a 4800 mAh battery, an Exynos 2100 processor, 6/8 GB of RAM, Android 11 out of the box, a triple main camera and a regular front camera with one module.

The LetsGoDigital portal has published its version of the renders of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in four colors with a plastic body.

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