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Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia)

  • Android Wear 1 upgradabled to 2
  • Announcement 2015 March
  • Android Wear 1 + March 2015 = Status JUNK It is better not to buy
    Price From $550 Almost gone
  • Screen 1.4" AMOLED
  • Strap 18 mm
  • Compatible 4.3+ Android
  • Compatible 8+ iOS
  • Case 42 mm Stainless Steel 316L
  • Thickness 12.45 mm
  • Battery 300 mAh
  • Protection IP67
  • Sapphire crystal

Short description Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia)

Smartwatches run on Android Wear 1 and support smartphones on Android 4.3 and higher, and also upport Apple iPhone smartphones with version iOS 8 and higher. The watch case is round, made of stainless steel and has protection IP67 from water and dust ingress.

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Characteristics Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia)

  • Launch

  • Network

    • Technology No cellular connectivity
  • Face

    • Color Gold
    • Shape Round
    • Build Stainless Steel 316L
    • Style Women
    • Swarovski +
    • Rotating Bezel
  • Display

    • Size 1.4 inches
    • Type AMOLED
    • Display Protection Sapphire crystal glass
  • Platform

    • OS Android Wear version 1 upgradabled to 2
    • Chipset Snapdragon 400
    • CPU 4 core
  • Compability

    • Android devices Android 4.3 and higher
    • iOS devices iOS 8 and higher
  • Memmory

    • Storage 4 GB
    • RAM 0.512 GB
  • Body

    • Dimensions 42×42×12.45 mm
    • Strap 18 mm
    • Battery 300 mAh
    • Water and dust protection IP67
  • Сommunication

    • GPS
    • NFC
    • Wearable Payment

Disclaimer. The table shows the main technical characteristics of the device. For a full list of features and capabilities of this model, see the manufacturer’s website. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

Customer Reviews Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia)

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Overview Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia)

Announcement date and market relevance

The new model of smartwatches from the company Huawei was called Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia) and was announced in March 2015. It is released in the Huawei Watch series, there are many other models of smartwatches to choose from, if this something does not suit you.

Operating system and updates

Smartwatch Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia) are working “out of the box” under the operating system Android Wear version 1. And in this version they are not left, the manufacturer has released a software update, and this smartwatch can be updated to version Android Wear 2.

Before buying, be sure to find out that this smartwatch model supports the version of the smartphone software to which you will be connect. The formal characteristics indicated that the Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia) support Android smartphones with version 4.3 and higher, and as well as support the Apple iPhone smartphones with iOS version 8 and higher.

Screen, body and style

Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia) is not a small round watch in Gold with a 1.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen, which is protected by a Sapphire crystal glass. In our opinion, this model turned out in the female (especially as for the decoration of the shell used stones Swarovski) style.

The case has a size of 42×42×12.45 mm made of Stainless Steel 316L and has IP67 protection and is completely protected from water and dust ingress. The straps here are used in a width of 18 mm, which are easily removed and replaced if necessary.

Processor, memory and functionality

Perhaps it would seem strange to choose a smartwatch in terms of technical characteristics, and not in appearance, because a smartwatch is the same accessory for a person as a conventional clock with arrows or a dial. But we decided that we need to tell about the processor, memory and functionality. So, Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia) has a 4-core processor Snapdragon 400 with 0.512 GB of RAM, and the built-in memory here is 4 GB. The battery in this model received a capacity of  300 mAh.

But there is unfortunately no built-in support for 3G/4G networks. We recommend looking at other smartwatches with support for 3G/4G networks.

Price for Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia): buy or not to buy?

At the time of the official announcement in September 2015 a price of $550 was declared. We try to update this figure promptly every time the sellers decided to change it.

Whether it is worthwhile to buy Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia) at such a price with such characteristics, everyone decides for himself. Or maybe you want to choose other smartwatches at a similar price, then we advise you to go to the price segment page “Flagships smartwatches from $300” in our catalog.

One important thing, in our opinion, is that a smartwatch is not only a fashionable portable electronics, it is also an accessory that can complement your image. Come responsibly to the choice of smartwatches. Look in our catalog of options for colors and materials, of which the watch is made. Check the compatibility of selected smartwatch with the version of your smartphone′s operating system. Have a nice shopping!

Photos Huawei Watch Jewel Sapphire (Swarovski Zirconia)

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